Ryan Holmes

Founder & CEO, Hootsuite


Harley Finkelstein

COO, Shopify




International Speaker & Author




Lauri Thompson

Director, Philanthropic Advisory at CHIMP





rashel Hariri

Social Media Manager, McDonald’s Canada


Greg Perotto

VP Brand & Communications, Hootsuite

"Joel is an awesome young entrepreneurial hacker and marketer. He is a total hustler and I recommend you meet up and grab coffee with him." (Vancouver Project)

"Joel is a total hustler and it's because of him that I'm here tonight." (Linkedin Ottawa Meetup)


"Joel lead an incredible team that did much more than just put on a conference. They created a schedule that was unmatched in anything I had seen before, had a carefully curated speaker list that was perfect for their audience, and didn't miss a single detail in making sure all attendees received much more than their ticket price would suggest. I would recommend Joel again and again and look forward to working with him again in the near future, as often as possible." (Hangar Hangout Conference)

"If I had a job to offer Joel, I would hire him today. I mentored Joel in planning a fundraising Gala for Lighthouse Voyage. 

Joel was a sponge. He tried everything I suggested, he followed up on every lead out there, he made partners feel authentically important, and he created a strategic fundraising strategy that worked for this cause (i.e. raised lots of money). 

Joel is professional, has great intuition, exceptional people skills, he is not afraid to approach anyone, he works hard, is organized, follows up on details, keeps a smile on his face, and doesn't take disappointments on - he keeps moving. I am confident that Joel will be very successful at whatever he pursues in life." (Mentor for Fundraiser Project)

It was a pleasure getting to know Joel through CIMC, as a Speaker and Advisory Board member. He is a dream to work with - he's positive, super organized and passionate about executing with excellence. Not only is he driven and determine to do great things, but he is truly an all-around nice person. I look forward to continuing to work with Joel in the future! (CIMC 2018)

I had the privilege of interacting with Joel as he co-led the planning and execution of the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) where I joined a panel on brand and communications. Joel is an exceptional social marketer who recognizes that the foundation for success on social - and in marketing - lies in human connection. He went above and beyond with every speaker at the event to forge a personal relationship and ensure the individual's needs were well cared for - all to ensure a great experience for the hundreds of attendees at the two-day event. He went further to create personal connections with as many of the attendees as possible, making them feel beyond welcome at the event. Joel's professionalism continues today (well after the event) as he consistently pops up in my news feed and inbox making connections and advancing relationships. Separate and apart from this, Joel did an outstanding job promoting the event. He promoted CIMC across his own channels and engaged with influencers, providing them with content that was important, interesting and timely to their audiences so that they would help promote the event as well. All told, the event was exceptionally well planned, organized, promoted and executed. It truly was a pleasure working with such high-caliber professionalism as Joel as a speaker at CIMC.